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From: Jackie Bushell

Dear IBS Sufferer,

Many sufferers of IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, have discovered that the conventional advice to eat a high-fibre diet containing cereals such as wheat and oats, and lots of fruit can make your IBS worse, not better! Conditions such as food allergies or sensitivities, intestinal yeast overgrowth and gut dysbiosis may be the real, hidden cause of your IBS, and the Stone Age Diet is being used with great success to eliminate these problems.

Treating IBS with the Stone Age Diet has proved to be so much more successful for scores of sufferers than the conventional diet and drug treatment for IBS that dieticians, nutritionists, nutritional therapists and complementary health practitioners of all kinds are now recommending the Stone Age diet for this debilitating condition.

However, if you're starting the Stone Age diet, you're probably wondering just how you will cope. Excluding basic foods like bread, pasta, pizza, pies, crackers and cereals as well as all foods containing yeast, chemical additives and preservatives and artificial colours, flavourings and sweeteners can feel like an insurmountable obstacle and you don't know where to start.

Leaving these foods out and eating more of the foods you are allowed seemed an option at first - until you realised just how many of the foods in the supermarket contain ingredients you are not allowed. You may have discovered some gluten-free and possibly even wheat-free breads, but then realised with dismay that they are no use to you because they still contain many of the other ingredients you must avoid, such as corn, soya, yeast, sugar and manmade chemicals of all kinds.

You may even have to exclude rice and potato flour on your Stone Age Diet, which means that just about all of the bread and bakery products on the 'special diets' shelf are unsuitable for you.

Perhaps you'd already resigned yourself to not being able to eat biscuits, cakes and desserts. But you hadn't realised that you wouldn't even be able to make a sandwich for your lunchbox, or toast for your breakfast. You're wondering how long you'll be able to stick to the diet without your favourite foods, and you don't know how you're going to find the time in your busy life to cope with your new way of eating, either.

You may have been given a list of 'uncommon foods' to eat, such as millet, buckwheat, tapioca, quinoa and chickpea or gram flour. But you haven't got the faintest idea of how to make them into something edible with the restricted list of other ingredients you're allowed.

You're thinking that eating was once a pleasure, but has now become a chore. In short, you're pretty close to giving the whole Stone Age Diet idea up.

There is a solution to your IBS diet problem, and you could be discovering it in the next 10 minutes ...

What you need is quick and easy recipes for bread and bakery items which are made from flours that are free from wheat, gluten, soya, corn, yeast, sugar and artificial chemicals.

You need recipes which are easy to make and tasty to eat. Bread recipes that will bring you the convenience of being able to make a sandwich or toast, and biscuit, cake and dessert recipes to replace the treats you most miss and help you keep on your diet.

Most importantly, you need recipes which are tried and tested and approved by specialists who use the Stone Age Diet to help their patients conquer health problems such as IBS which can be caused by food sensitivities and intestinal yeast overgrowth (candida).

When my husband was first diagnosed with IBS, he was told that there was nothing that could be done about it, other than to eat a 'healthy' diet containing plenty of fibre and grain-based foods such as wheat. This just made his condition worse, so he consulted a practitioner in allergy, nutritional and environmental medicine who had experience of treating IBS sufferers. This specialist diagnosed food sensitivities and intestinal yeast overgrowth and prescribed the Stone Age Diet.

We didn't think this was strange, or 'quack medicine'. After all, this is the kind of diet our 'Stone Age' ancestors ate, and from an evolutionary point of view, we differ very little genetically from our ancestors. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised if so many of us suffer adverse effects from the sugary diet filled with chemical additives and preservatives that we now eat. And unfortunately, it seems that many people are equally unable to handle foods such as wheat, soya, corn or maize, and dairy. All these foods and chemicals are relatively late additions to the human diet in evolutionary terms and we have not had time to adapt to them. Yet we eat all these foods at nearly every meal!

Anyway, my husband's first reaction was to eat the foods he recognised on his permitted foods list and leave out the ones he didn't. He didn't want me to make him special meals – he would just eat the foods he was allowed. However, he soon found that this didn't give him enough to eat, and he also began to crave a wider variety of textures and tastes, such as the crunch of a biscuit or cracker, the springiness of bread or the taste of cake. Ravenously hungry and suffering from bouts of dizziness and low energy, he was dropping even more weight from his already slim frame.

Luckily, I already had some experience of developing recipes for special diets using substitute ingredients. So I set about developing bread and baking recipes to suit his Stone Age Diet. It took a lot of experimentation but eventually I succeeded in making alternative versions of the foods he missed most, he was no longer weak and hungry all the time, and best of all, he returned to a healthy weight and started to enjoy his food once again.

Recipe 2-2 buckwheat bread    Recipe 2-4 gram bread

My husband's specialist was also impressed with the recipes, and felt they would be helpful for his other patients on the Stone Age Diet. That was when we decided to compile the Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook. My husband's IBS had improved immeasurably since he had started his Stone Age Diet. Because the recipes were what had made the difference between his sticking to the diet and giving it up, we wanted to make them available to fellow IBS sufferers (and those faced with the headache of preparing their Stone Age Diet food!)

Read on to find out how the Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook can make your journey back to health enjoyable and easy ...

Most of the recipes in the Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook take just minutes to make, having been designed with busy people in mind. The recipes are clearly set out and easy to follow. Ingredients are given in metric, imperial and cup measures, so the recipes are already converted for British, American, Canadian, Australian and all other Cookbook users.

Where recipes use the microwave, alternative recipes using the oven are given too, in response to the growing number of people who prefer not to use the microwave.

Main meals are not so much of a problem, but breakfasts, lunchboxes, and snacks on the move become very difficult when you can't have the cereals, bread and other baked goods you find in the supermakets. The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook solves all these problems for you, and helps you stay motivated to stick with the special diet which is going to give you back your health.

The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook concentrates on quick solutions for the meals and foods that are most problematic when standard ingredients such as wheat, gluten, barley, oats, corn, soya, yeast and sugar have to be eliminated from your diet. Focusing on bakery items such as breads, biscuits, cookies and cakes, the tried and tested recipes make maximum use of the alternative flours that, thankfully, are increasingly available.

Recipe 2-6 millet bread    Recipe 2-8 quinoa bread

The Cookbook also contains lots of useful ideas for main courses and snacks, information on substitute ingredients and tips on how to adapt your way of eating to cope with your new diet.

Read what my husband, a long term IBS sufferer says about the discovery that changed his life:

I'd suffered with IBS for thirty years. At first, the symptoms weren't too bad, and I learned to adapt my lifestyle to them. I'd always know where all the toilets were whenever I had to go on a journey, and I'd plan the journey around them. I would get periods of gut-wrenching colic from time to time, but they would pass and most of the time they didn't interfere with anything critical. I would frequently get what I called indigestion, for which I'd take antacids. But then it started to get worse. My stomach would bloat and the colic got a lot worse and more frequent. I started to feel tired all the time and 'ill all over'. It started to get so bad that I had to take days off work. That had never happened before, and that's when I knew I had to do something.

So I visited my family doctor, who referred me to a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist ran all the tests for other problems and eventually confirmed that there was nothing more serious wrong, and that I had IBS. However, it was still pretty serious to me! The gastroenterologist explained that there wasn't really a cure for IBS, but stress was a trigger for some people, and peppermint oil and antispasmodic tablets might help. I was also advised to eat a 'healthy' diet (which I pretty much ate anyway).

Since none of these things had helped in the past, I was unimpressed. However, my wife knew how food allergies or sensitivities and other disorders such as intestinal yeast overgrowth could cause health problems and had recently read that they could also be the root cause of IBS. She suggested I consult someone who specialised in these areas. I was reluctant - after all, the gastroenterologist had told me there was no cure! But eventually, I agreed to make an appointment. That was the moment my life changed.

The allergy, nutritional and environmental medicine specialist found that I had sensitivities to wheat and other foods which I ate frequently. He also found I had intestinal yeast overgrowth, and nutritional deficiencies. To cut a long story short, he put me on a Stone Age style allergy elimination diet, treated the yeast overgrowth and started me on some nutritional supplements. My IBS symptoms didn't take long to diminish, and then vanish completely!

Doing the Stone Age diet was difficult at first, and I lost a lot of weight (I was already thin). That was because most of the high carbohydrate foods that I usually ate were on my 'not allowed' list. The specialist had given me a list of alternative starchy foods such as millet, buckwheat, tapioca, quinoa and gram flour, but I didn't know what to do with them. Since I wasn't allowed many of the other usual baking ingredients either, making bread or muffins, or in fact anything vaguely edible with them seemed impossible. Then my wife started experimenting in the kitchen, and worked out how to make foods with these ingredients that I could eat. Now, I didn't simply have to 'go without'. I could have my own safe versions of bread and cookies, and my life became much easier. I also started to get back to a healthy weight. That was how the 'Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook' began.

Now, I can be a bit more relaxed in what I exclude from my diet, but I still can't go back to eating wheat and sugar every day. On the occasions I've tried, my IBS has returned, so I know what I have to do to remain well.

My final word? If you have IBS and haven't investigated food sensitivities and the other problems I mentioned earlier, then you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so! (It's best to get professional help with this.) And if you have to follow a Stone Age style allergy or elimination diet, then don't let yourself fall into the 'it's too difficult' trap - it's well worth it in the end, and the 'Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook' is there to help you!

Geoff Bushell
Former IBS sufferer

What the experts say about the Cookbook

The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook is endorsed by Dr Apelles Econs MRCS LRCP, Specialist in Nutrition & Environmental Medicine and Director of Allergy Medical UK.

Through the years, many of the patients we have helped to overcome chronic digestive or other problems have left me in no doubt that changing to healthier eating, initially, doesn't come easy. Nor is it cheap. Spending time and effort to find less reactive foods and then having to work out how to concoct a reasonable meal with these foods often adds to life's daily pressures. It is easy to offer a list of foods to avoid and a list of foods to eat, but even the most relaxed elimination diet demands a degree of self-discipline and time to think seriously about basic sustenance, because one's very habits are being challenged. Food is known to have a powerful hold on us, if intolerance is the main underlying problem. The more practical the diet is, therefore, the more likely you are to succeed with implementing it.

Jackie Bushell, having mastered low carbohydrate cookery over the years, has spent many hours patiently experimenting with the materials used in the Stone Age Diet. Tasting some of the samples of scones and cookies she prepared was surprising and delicious. In the past, using uncommon ingredients without specific recipes meant that for some of our patients, a number of useful foods were easily overlooked. Yet in Jackie's recipes, the same foods become useful, palatable snacks, adding interest and substance to a healthy diet.

Thankfully, the majority of patients with symptoms caused by food intolerance will, in the long term, be able to modify their diet and remain healthy, when the time comes to relax it. I feel that Jackie has made this transition much easier, maximising the variety and choice available today.

Dr Apelles Econs MRCS LRCP
Specialist in Nutrition & Environmental Medicine and
Director of Allergy Medical UK

What you'll find in the Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook



About the Author

1 Getting started

  • 1-1 Introduction
  • 1-2 Coping with your new diet
    • How to stay on your diet
    • Your new diet: a life sentence - or does it get better?
  • 1-3 Adapting to your new regime
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Snacks
  • 1-4 Substitutes for common foods
    • Butter and margarine
    • Milk
    • Pasta
    • Potatoes
    • Raising agents: yeast, baking powder, eggs and xanthan
    • Rice and cous cous
    • Stock cubes and other flavouring agents
    • Sugar
    • Thickening agents
    • Wheat, corn, oats and other common grains
  • 1-5 Choosing suitable recipes for your diet
  • 1-6 A word about weights and measures

2 Bread recipes

  • 2-1 Stone Age scones
  • 2-2 Quick buckwheat bread
  • 2-3 Quick buckwheat bread (microwave)
  • 2-4 Quick gram bread
  • 2-5 Quick gram bread (microwave)
  • 2-6 Quick millet bread
  • 2-7 Quick millet bread (microwave)
  • 2-8 Quick quinoa bread
  • 2-9 Quick quinoa bread (microwave)
  • 2-10 Gram and sesame flatbread
  • 2-11 Hemp flatbread

3 Cake and biscuit recipes

  • 3-1 Quick buckwheat & banana bread
  • 3-2 Quick buckwheat & banana bread (microwave)
  • 3-3 Sweet coconut, tapioca & gram rolls
  • 3-4 Quick banana & apricot gram bread
  • 3-5 Quick banana & apricot gram bread (microwave)
  • 3-6 Gram, tapioca and banana muffins
  • 3-7 Coconut, millet and tapioca biscuits
  • 3-8 Coconut, buckwheat, tapioca, pear & cashew biscuits
  • 3-9 Coconut, hemp, sunflower & pumpkin seed biscuits
  • 3-10 Gram, tapioca and peach biscuits
  • 3-11 Quinoa, tapioca and sesame biscuits
  • 3-12 Quinoa, coconut and grape biscuits
  • 3-13 Victoria sponge

4 Dessert recipes

  • 4-1 Riceless rice pudding
  • 4-2 Scotch pancakes or blinis
  • 4-3 Cashew, banana & mascarpone dessert
  • 4-4 Red grape fool
  • 4-5 Banana cheesecake

5 Menu tips

  • 5-1 Breakfast tips
  • 5-2 Main course tips
  • 5-3 Ideas for sandwich fillings & spreads
  • 5-4 Snack ideas

Recipe 3-1 buckwheat and banana bread    Recipe 3-4 banana and apricot gram bread

There's no need to starve when you're doing the Stone Age Diet

When you first go on a Stone Age style allergy or exclusion diet, it's easy to settle for a very limited range of foods, because you don't know how to incorporate the 'uncommon' foods you're allowed into your meals. With the Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook, you'll discover how to expand your food choices in an enjoyable way. You'll be able to have bread, cookies, cakes and desserts once again, whilst still following your special diet.

"I think the cookbook has lots of great ideas on how to incorporate alternatives to many of the common allergens."

Barbara J Oldham DipION (Institute for Optimum Nutrition)
DipIridol mBANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy)

Nutritional Therapist

"I bought your recipe book for IBS and I have just tried buckwheat bread and buckwheat banana bread. Excellent! I am absolutely delighted as I suffer from IBS and try to avoid wheat. Up till now I have never managed to find successful recipes. These worked fine."
C. M., UK.

"I just had my best meal in weeks - poached egg on toast (the gram flour flat bread) with garlicky green salad and it was fantastic!"
J.B., UK.

"I have found the book really helpful, so many thanks"
J.B., UK.

The Cookbook will transform your meals, making possible all those foods you have been missing such as bread, cookies, cakes and desserts.

PDF e-bookBecause The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook is a downloadable e-book, you won't have to wait for it to be shipped, so you could be getting started today! PDF format is the most popular and compatible file format available, so the e-book works on just about any computer operating system. All you need is a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (iPad requires installation of a free PDF reader app). You can view on screen or print out and put in a ring binder for your kitchen shelf. Buy it now and you could be making your first recipe within minutes!

Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook

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The Cookbook is the perfect way to make your Stone Age Diet easier and more enjoyable. Buy it today and you will get the following super-bonuses absolutely free ...

SUPER-BONUS #1: Foods Containing Common Allergens

Foods containing Common Allergens

A detailed 10-page guide to the many foods which are likely to contain common allergens. There are separate lists for foods containing hidden wheat, corn, soya, milk and eggs. Valued at £7.97.

SUPER-BONUS #2: Substitutes for Common Allergenic Foods

Substitutes for Common Allergenic Foods

A handy guide to the foods you can use as substitutes for wheat, corn, soya, milk and eggs.

SUPER-BONUS #3: Vitamins and Minerals and the Foods Which Contain Them

Vitamins and Minerals and the Foods Which Contain Them

A 17-page guide to foods high in the essential nutrients. On a restrictive diet, you may be missing out on certain vitamins, minerals and other important elements. These tables will help you identify any nutrients which your current range of foods lacks, and work out which alternative foods you can eat to replace the nutrients provided by the excluded food. Valued at £7.97.

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Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook

Click here to order nowYES! - I want to learn how to make recipes to make my Stone Age-style IBS diet easier and more enjoyable in the next 10 minutes ...

With my best wishes for achieving good health through good diet

Jackie Bushell

P.S. Don't let boredom with your food choices, lack of convenience or cravings for your favourite foods cause you to give up your special diet. The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook will give you invaluable help for these problems and ensure you can stick with your special diet while it does its work and restores your health.

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